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A beautiful home with exposed rafters and a/c component in excellent condition.

We serve the North Georgia area in the United States, from Cobb county north to Fannin county. Call or text 706-273-4331 or Email- gmstudent45@gmailcom

Specializing in Home Inspections


Here at Henson Home Inspections we take pride in using the most technologically advanced tools available: FLIR Infrared, DJI drones, and multiple premium detection devices. We specialize at inspecting single family homes and homes that contain four(4) or less livable apartments. At this time, no commercial inspections are available.

Making your investment matter 

A yearly home inspection is a wise investment in the maintenance of your home and the systems therein. A small cosmetic issue could represent the iceberg that lies below the surface, a home inspection can determine the locations of defects, and begin the process for repairs. A home inspection can help you determine where you are willing to make to largest investment in your life! 

A home in good condition from a distance, upon closer inspection water intrusion and other defects were observe on infrared.
Creating an Impact in the home inspection industry


At Henson Home Inspections we bring the best (SOP)standards of procedure that InterNachi(International Association of Home Inspectors) has developed. At HHI we strive for excellence and accept nothing but the best inspection and reports to disseminate to our valued clients. While using the best tools that technology can provide, we are committed to bringing integrity to the inspection industry!

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